I adore Pilates, we know this, I’ve been teaching for many moons now. It’s helped me on so many levels, starting with giving me a job, to getting me back into pre-pregnancy strength after a 2 month hospital bed-rest stint and 2 cesarean sections, plus it’s been great for mental clarity.

It wasn’t until I started my yoga practice that I realized I was missing something in my fitness routines all these years.

In Pilates, we talk about anatomy and how to heal physically; which muscles will help alleviate certain aches and rehabilitate a specific injury.


But in yoga, it’s more about the emotional and internal healing that’s associated with the movement and poses. That completely fascinated me and totally made sense!

More often than not, your aches and pains are associated to emotional healing that needs to take place.


One of the most interesting things I learned from yoga is that women tend to carry negative emotions in their hips. What?! The first few times I practiced yoga I found myself crying. Talk about embarrassing, but it was also extremely cathartic.

I walked out of those classes floating. I’m pretty sure I hugged my teacher after each class for a good week or two.

There are important take-aways from both practices that I think everyone could benefit from. And that’s why I share what I know and learn with you here and in my online Pilates classes. You can read more about my sessions and videos here.


Here’s my philosophy on working out:

It’s about more than just your body; it’s about creating a shift in your physical and mental wellbeing so that you can be more present and available to help your community and beyond.

When we have the awareness that not only does our workout practice benefit us and those around us in our immediate community, but that it also causes a ripple effect that goes so much broader-it’s world changing stuff.

And that’s what I’m aiming towards; world changing is the new black.

And I believe that if we went into our workouts thinking that way, we’d be more enthusiastic about moving our bodies and more apt to maintain our health and fitness goals.

Let’s break it down.

Pilates With Soul is about:

*mind, body & spirit strengthening

*creating change

*going inward

*being present

*giving love

Can you be down with that?

How can you be more present in your life today?

Share with me in the comments below, then go and share this little nugget with your community.

Let’s cause a ripple.

Here’s to creating change,

The Pilates Mama