Oh motherhood, it’s been a journey, that’s for sure but what I’ve experienced over the last 14 plus years has turned into something amazing. It’s what I talk about and now teach the women that I meet in my online communities and in my studio.

Below I’ve listed just a few things I learned and now share about my experience as a solo mother of 3, as a practitioner in the birth and postpartum world, and as a sister in a tribe of amazing women.

Key Messages:

  • Women aren’t receiving the necessary info about rehabilitating physically and emotionally after birth.
  • Strengthening your abdominals and pelvic floor after birth or surgery is imperative
  • It’s not just your physical body that needs support after birth, your energetic and emotional body needs attention too.
  • Your Pelvis, Your Power: The Container for your confidence, finances, and success.
  • Regular mindfulness practices, movement, and sister connection are key to feeling grounded, inspired, and whole.
  • Pregnancy, birth, and surgery can affect your energetic body.

My methode and mission are to guide women to back to their whole, strong self.  I do that by offering Private Pilates sessions (the only way to effectively reconnect to and strengthen your abdominals deeply) specializing in pelvic floor strength and abdominals, Flower Essence Therapy to support physical and emotional imbalances, a supportive community, and recommending consistent mindfulness practices, celebrations, and fun.

All of these are essential to feeling strong, inspired and so much more.