Ginger C is a married, working professional, and the mother of sweet Thomas. When we first met and talked about incorporating movement and Flower Essences into her weekly routine, I knew it would be incredibly healing not only for her body but for her mental clarity as well.

Being a new mom is tough on its own and fitting in time for yourself seems impossible, but Ginger was determined to make sure she was strong in mind and body so that she could be more focused and available to care for her new baby.

Thomas is now 1 1/2, and it’s been so much for me to see him grow from a sleeping newborn in his car seat (while mama worked out) to a toddler who runs into the studio to play with balls and any other props he can get his hands on.

It has been my pleasure to work with and support Ginger in her healing journey. This is why I do what I do.

I met Natalie through a local moms group when my son was three months old right in the thick of my postpartum depression. I had just started prescription medication but felt uneasy about my decision since I was breastfeeding. Natalie talked to me one on one after the meeting about Flower Essence Therapy for PPD. Knowing I was taking medication that could adversely affect my baby, I was looking for a way out. I wanted to find something that was natural and safe for breastfeeding. I found my way through the darkness with Flower Essence Therapy, Pilates, and support from Natalie.

I was able to transition off medication with little to no problem in a short time period. (The Dr. said I would be on it for six months..pshhh try three) I experienced a side effect that I can only describe as “brain zaps”. I mentioned to Natalie what I was feeling and she made a formula for me; I noticed that my brain zaps decreased dramatically. Natalie is very informative and is genuine in her practices. I am very thankful I met her when I did or else I would probably still be on medication and fighting through the fog of PPD. My son is healthy and thriving at one year old and I am able to enjoy watching him excel. Thank you, Natalie, for changing my life (and TJ’s).