Morning Stretch Video

Morning Stretch This 10-minute stretching video is a great way to start your day. Sometimes we wake up feeling stiff with tight muscles and we need to warm up our body. You can also try this video just before bed after a long day on your feet. It's great for tight hamstrings, which is usually [...]

Pilates Basics Video

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Pilates Basics This is a great video that will introduce you to the fundamentals of Pilates. I walk you through some exercises to help you connect to your lowest and deepest abdominal muscles. They seem simple, but don't worry, you'll feel it. Get Video for $5.00 Full Library Access $19/mo

Morning Rise Video

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Morning Rise In this 20-minute video I take you through some yummy stretching warm ups, then we make our way in to some delicious abdominal work, and burning bum work. Enjoy! Get Video for $5.00 Full Library Access $19/mo

The Best Pilates Warm Up Video

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The Best Pilates Warm Up Video This is a great short, gentle warmup for your abominals and glutes. It's a great video for those who haven't tried Pilates before, or for those wanting to start moving again after having a baby.

B-School Stretch


B-School Stretch (aka Stretch after sitting on your butt all day) In this video I walk you through some really yummy stretches. Try it, you'll feel more energized, work out the kinks, and get your creative juices flowing again.