The New Mama Body Reset

Let’s Talk Vaginas and Abs

That’s right, vaginas and abs. These areas hold the key to a happy, healthy and dry life. (if you know what I mean, mama)

I’ve compiled the greatest little package for you to kick-start your movement practice. I believe that moving your body is the key to your happiness, and rebuilding your strength is the key to holding things together.

And all of that tied up with a pretty blue or pink bow means that you’re more free, strong and energized to take care of your new little bundle.

What’s in the bundle?

*A Fact and Anatomy filled PDF

I’m a bit of an anatomy geek and I love educating women about their body, how it works and what’s holding what in place. I ¬†filled this goodie with tips, exercises, and anatomy about your body after baby, plus shared some of my personal story. ¬†Lots of good stuff.

* A Fab Pilates Video

This video teaches you the basics of Pilates and takes you through some great exercises that will help you get back in touch with your abdominals. Whether you’ve had a caesarean or a vaginal delivery, your abs probably aren’t what they used to be, so reconnecting is important.

* An Interview With Dr. Natalie Sampson, DPT

I recently recorded an interview with my friend, and former client and employer, Dr. Natalie Sampson, DPT. Dr. Natalie and I spent 45 minutes talking about the importance of rebuilding after baby. She’s a wealth of information; you’ll love this interview!

And a BONUS! You’ll also receive a second video for when you’re ready to kick it up a notch!

So let’s break this down:

* A 15-minute Pilates Basics Video (you’ll feel it, don’t worry)

* An informative & anatomy clad PDF

* A 45-minute recorded workshop by Dr. Natalie Sampson, DPT (we get into some good stuff)

*A BONUS Pilates video to kick things into high gear

*COST: $19

All of these goodies will trickle into your inbox in the next few days starting with today so that you can get your body moving!

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