I am more than a Pilates Instructor.

I have taken the Pilates Method and my Flower Essence Therapist certification and created my own Methode®.

I believe that Pilates is the key to recovering fully from childbirth. It was the key to my rehabilitation after spending 2-months on bed rest plus having two Cesarean Sections 19 months apart.

I have taught Pilates since 2004 while raising my 3 daughters. All of my work is about teaching women that building their physical and inner strength is about more than just their body. I’ve learned that by taking care of myself first, in mind and body, I’m more capable of taking care of others around me and beyond.

I’ve worked with all body types in my years of teaching, ranging from the athlete to the prenatal mama and many postoperative patients. Pilates is an incredible method for any body.

After spending several years in Physical Therapy clinics assisting in patients’ postoperative care, I became passionate about educating women about proper postpartum recovery and the importance of strengthening their pelvic floor.

In addition to physical strength, I incorporate Flower Essence Therapy into my work to support the emotional body which needs rehabilitation just as much as our physical body.


hugs & kegels,


I hold a B.A. in Dance from UCSB, I’m a Master Certified Pilates Instructor, and a Flower Essence Therapist. I’ve been featured on New Times SLO, POPSUGAR.com, ModernMom.com, Examiner.com, Soles4Souls.org, EveryMotherCounts.org, HuffingtonPost.com, and CentralCoastMama.com, plus I write for my own blog, The Pilates Mama.