Flower Essence Therapy

I discovered flower essences at the time in my life when I was looking for more. I was looking to expand my business, my personal healing path, I needed something but I didn’t know what. They say, when the student is ready the teacher will arrive.

I thought I had cried it all out in yoga and then Flower Essences were introduced to me. I learned about the energetics of the body and how we store our negative emotions, trauma and unhealed wounds on an energetic and cellular level. When I decided to focus my 12 years of Pilates training on Pelvic Floor health and C-section rehabilitation, I started to think about the emotional body and what it goes through during pregnancy, childbirth, and surgery and what that does to us as women on an emotional level.

Unhealed emotional wounds eventually show up in our physical body.

As a single mother of 3, I went from shit storm to sanity after the birth of my twin daughters and then again after my third daughter. The good new is that I learned a lot and now I get to share it with my mama community and clients. I decided to create {ther*happy}, my Flower Essence Remedy line, to help women heal after birth, no matter how old her child is.

What we don’t realize is that rehabilitating physically and emotionally after birth is imperative.

My Give Back

My business not only serves the customer but women who are in need of extra support, women who have found their own shit storm and are in need of additional support in a shelter. I give 5% of sales back to local women’s shelters. So not only do you get the benefit of feeling calm and filled with joy by taking my Flower Essence remedies but you also get to feel empowered by helping a fellow sister in need.

Because my products are handmade in my home, I can add special touches to them by infusing them with healing crystals or setting them out at night under that magical New or Full Moonlight. Each bottle comes with an affirmation or sacred intention to be read or said when taking your remedy.

The effects of the remedies are subtle but noticeable. You may notice that you don’t feel irritable during traffic or when you’re hungry or that you didn’t experience your normal PMS symptoms.

Flower essences take your healing to the next level by gently helping you feel safe, supported, strong, and by releasing anything that no longer serves you.

As a mom, you play many roles throughout the day, but the most important thing you can do in order to perform these roles is to take care of yourself first.

When mama shines, everybody shines. And in order to shine, healing needs to take place, relaxation needs to happen, self-care is key.

What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are homeopathic dilutions of flowers used to address any emotional and physical imbalance. They work on a cellular and energetic level to heal your body and mind. They are taken orally 3 times a day or less depending on what we’re working on. Flower Essences are so gently that do no interfere with medication and are safe for nursing mothers.


Flower Essences can help with:


*healing a traumatic birth experience





*PMS symptoms

and much more..

How it Works:

As a Certified Flower Essence Therapist, I look forward to creating a custom flower essence that will support you on your healing journey.

During your initial Flower Essence session, we’ll meet on the phone (or in person) for 60 minutes, and talk about how Flower Essences can best support you. I’ll then create a custom 1/2 oz. Flower Essence Remedy for you and either mail it to you or have it available for you to pick up. Flower Essence drops are taken orally 3 times a day.

Your initial Flower Essence session is $150

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Signature Calming Formula

I created this special formula to help ease overwhelm, anxiety, depression, and to help you feel safe and supported. This is the unique blend of Flower Essences that I include in my Mind & Body After Baby workshop, and every mama has absolutely loved it. Their experiences range from feeling more peaceful to reduced PMS symptoms, better sleep, less irritability, and more joy! You can order your 1/2 oz bottle below. $22

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Signature Calming Mist

This great smelling Calming Mist is wonderful for new mamas and “seasoned veterans.” You can spray it in your room, on your pillow, on yourself, or in the office. It’s made with uplifting Tangerine and soothing Lavender Essential Oils and 4 carefully chosen Flower Essences to increase joy, and to bring peace and protection. You can order your 3 oz. spray below. $23


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