The Entrepreneur Experience: My interview with Lane Kennedy Levy

Hello, Pilates family! The tables were turned and I was interviewed by the talented, funny and incredibly gorgeous Lane Kennedy Levy. She's on a mission, and she's confident that women are the key to changing the world. I absolutely agree. Take a listen, we talk about the up and downs of motherhood, online Pilates and mompreneurs [...]

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My Trip To Haiti In Photos Vol: 1

The Fearless Foursome: After riding with our moto guides and hiking up the mountain, we made it to the top of a breathtaking view of Montrouis, Haiti. You can see the water surrounding us in the background. Amy, the second from the right, is responsible for this incredible trip to Haiti. She has dedicated her [...]

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Haiti Update #2: Motos, Mountains and Pilates By The Sea

Another beautiful day in Haiti. We each hopped on the back of a "moto" today and rode to the top of this incredible mountain with a panoramic view of the ocean. It was green, it was lush- at least more so that in the city.  Haiti really is a beautiful country. It was fun, it [...]

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More Pilates, More Joy

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What would make you soar?

  What would make you soar? I was just sitting hear thinking about a friend who has played a big role in helping me accomplish some projects I’ve been working on lately. I came to the conclusion that without her, none of it would have come to fruition. It made me think about what I [...]

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A Workout Isn’t Just A Workout Anymore

    A Workout Isn’t Just A Workout Anymore Don’t feel like a workout today? Don’t have the energy to get up and put on those yoga pants? Can’t find your favorite sports bra? Did you sprain your pinkie? I get it, these sound like acceptable reasons to not work out. We all have our [...]

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Soul Server

"Is this boring for you?" my client asked as he was hiking his leg during his "favorite" glute exercise, ‘The Clam Series’ as I like to call them.  My clients get a kick out the name.  It's my favorite gluteus minimus and glute medius exercise and it's OH so good for you, but they never [...]

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Resilience lives in Haiti

This is a guest blog post I wrote for Soles4Souls after our trip to Haiti in August 2012. Nia fitting shoes on a woman in Haiti. With the mindset of taking a trip to give someone a pair of shoes in hopes of changing their life isn’t even half of what I experienced [...]

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