5 Ways To Improve Your Body and Mind While Sitting On Your Butt All Day

Are you sitting right now? Close your eyes and tune into your low spine. How does it feel? Crunched? Now think about your bum for a second, the bones that leave an imprint on your chair are called “sits bones,” do they feel heavy? Now move up to shoulders. Are they rounded forward or are [...]

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My Trip To Haiti In Photos Vol: 1

The Fearless Foursome: After riding with our moto guides and hiking up the mountain, we made it to the top of a breathtaking view of Montrouis, Haiti. You can see the water surrounding us in the background. Amy, the second from the right, is responsible for this incredible trip to Haiti. She has dedicated her [...]

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Haiti Update #2: Motos, Mountains and Pilates By The Sea

Another beautiful day in Haiti. We each hopped on the back of a "moto" today and rode to the top of this incredible mountain with a panoramic view of the ocean. It was green, it was lush- at least more so that in the city.  Haiti really is a beautiful country. It was fun, it [...]

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The Pilates Mama on POPSUGAR!

  I've got some exciting new! The Pilates Mama has been chosen as one the POPSUGAR Select Fitness blogs! I'm really honored and excited! Please take a look at the rest of the team and say Hello. hugs & kegels, The Pilates Mama

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More Pilates, More Joy

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What is Pilates With Soul?

I adore Pilates, we know this, I’ve been teaching for many moons now. It’s helped me on so many levels, starting with giving me a job, to getting me back into pre-pregnancy strength after a 2 month hospital bed-rest stint and 2 cesarean sections, plus it's been great for mental clarity. It wasn’t until I [...]

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Your Spine Has Your Back

I was inspired to write this after reading another article this morning. It was about a study that was done comparing Pilates with other methods used to alleviate back pain. Pilates came out the victor, of course. I love that more and more doctors and Physical Therapists are using or recommending Pilates as rehabilitative and [...]

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Natalie Garay & Lindsay Pera Talk Pilates and Healing pt. 2

http://youtu.be/upwdMm6fjDE Hello Pilates Lovers, Here's part 2 of my fun interview with Lindsay from Full Circle Wellness Tools. Be sure to check them out and support their indiegogo campaign. Lots of love, The Pilates Mama P.S. Here's the Q & A that went along with the videos! Q: Tell us a little about yourself and [...]

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Natalie Garay & Lindsay Pera Talk Healing and Pilates pt.1

http://youtu.be/jTXfIMCKFEo Hello Gang! I had the honor of being interviewed by Lindsay Pera of Full Circle wellness where I shared about NatalieGaray.com and how Pilates can help any body at any level to feel strong, pain free and empowered. Take a peek here and share your thoughts then join me for a Pilates session via [...]

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Shift Happens

Have I told you this one already? It started around February of 2012. I had had it. I was feeling blah and tired of it. I had been teaching Pilates for about 9 years, just made a move north from Los Angeles County to Ventura County; which meant a new area, another new school, new [...]

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