The Natalie Garay Methode Certification

Oh motherhood, it's been a journey, that's for sure but what I've experienced over the last 14 (plus!) years has turned into something amazing. It's what I now talk about and teach the women that I meet in my online communities and in my studio. Below I've listed just a few things I learned about [...]

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Celebration Saturday: Celebrate Everything

I believe in celebrating everything. I believe in community. I believe in fun. In the spirit of all of these, I'll be hosting a celebration gathering. The more we celebrate, the more we'll have to celebrate. 🎉 Join me for some fun, community, bubbles, and bites. Bring your friends and come ready to celebrate and [...]

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Believe in Yourself: A Love Letter

Love letters (and women thriving) make my heart sing.❤️ "Before I met you, Natalie, I was very low on my self-worth and overweight. I needed to turn my life around and you played a part to help with that. I was a size 14 and overweight. I did not have confidence in my worth or [...]

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More Pilates, More Joy

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What is Pilates With Soul?

I adore Pilates, we know this, I’ve been teaching for many moons now. It’s helped me on so many levels, starting with giving me a job, to getting me back into pre-pregnancy strength after a 2 month hospital bed-rest stint and 2 cesarean sections, plus it's been great for mental clarity. It wasn’t until I [...]

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Natalie Garay & Lindsay Pera Talk Pilates and Healing pt. 2 Hello Pilates Lovers, Here's part 2 of my fun interview with Lindsay from Full Circle Wellness Tools. Be sure to check them out and support their indiegogo campaign. Lots of love, The Pilates Mama P.S. Here's the Q & A that went along with the videos! Q: Tell us a little about yourself and [...]

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Natalie Garay & Lindsay Pera Talk Healing and Pilates pt.1 Hello Gang! I had the honor of being interviewed by Lindsay Pera of Full Circle wellness where I shared about and how Pilates can help any body at any level to feel strong, pain free and empowered. Take a peek here and share your thoughts then join me for a Pilates session via [...]

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Shift Happens

Have I told you this one already? It started around February of 2012. I had had it. I was feeling blah and tired of it. I had been teaching Pilates for about 9 years, just made a move north from Los Angeles County to Ventura County; which meant a new area, another new school, new [...]

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What would make you soar?

  What would make you soar? I was just sitting hear thinking about a friend who has played a big role in helping me accomplish some projects I’ve been working on lately. I came to the conclusion that without her, none of it would have come to fruition. It made me think about what I [...]

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Celebrate the Milestones In Your Life, Friends!

  I bought myself a website sweater. A what, you say? I thought it appropriate to commemorate a big accomplishment in my life. I have gone out of my comfort zone and created something I’ve always wanted to do, and I wanted to make a point to remember that day always. I call it my, [...]

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