The Natalie Garay Methode Certification

Oh motherhood, it's been a journey, that's for sure but what I've experienced over the last 14 (plus!) years has turned into something amazing. It's what I now talk about and teach the women that I meet in my online communities and in my studio. Below I've listed just a few things I learned about [...]

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Pelvic Floor Strengthening Demo

This is a Live Demo I offered on The Pilates Mama Facebook page on Monday, July 3, 2017. Keep an eye for more coming soon!  

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Celebration Saturday: Celebrate Everything

I believe in celebrating everything. I believe in community. I believe in fun. In the spirit of all of these, I'll be hosting a celebration gathering. The more we celebrate, the more we'll have to celebrate. 🎉 Join me for some fun, community, bubbles, and bites. Bring your friends and come ready to celebrate and [...]

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The Mama Wellness Retreat

The Mama Wellness Retreat will be an intimate gathering (limit is 7 women) hosted by Lindsay Pera, Natalie Garay, and Robin Ray Green! We are looking forward to a weekend filled with magic, medicine, and movement to allow you to nourish, renew, and rest. We'll begin the weekend with calming acupuncture session to align your [...]

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Believe in Yourself: A Love Letter

Love letters (and women thriving) make my heart sing.❤️ "Before I met you, Natalie, I was very low on my self-worth and overweight. I needed to turn my life around and you played a part to help with that. I was a size 14 and overweight. I did not have confidence in my worth or [...]

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A Case History: Postpartum Depression, Pilates & Flower Essences

Ginger C is a married, working professional, and the mother of sweet Thomas. When we first met and talked about incorporating movement and Flower Essences into her weekly routine, I knew it would be incredibly healing not only for her body but for her mental clarity as well. Being a new mom is tough on [...]

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Incontinence & Organ Prolapse: Hope Beyond Surgery

I read an article titled, ‘The hidden medical problem few women will talk about,” in our local paper (originally published in The Washington Post), that I found to be exciting and discouraging to read. I was excited that the conversation of incontinence and prolapse was happening in such a public forum, but discouraged at the [...]

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What Are Flower Essences?

You may have heard me talk about my Flower Essence Therapy training lately and wondered what the heck I was talking about, so I thought I'd fill you in. As a Pilates Instructor who specializes in C-section Recovery and Pelvic Floor strengthening, I work with new mamas mostly, but moms in general. In some cases, [...]

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Before You Quit Your Exercise Practice This Holiday Season Read This

THINK TWICE, my friends. Now is the not the time to quit, or put off until the New Year to “start fresh,” heck no, it’s the time to maintain or even kick it up a notch. I know, I know, it’s a busy, busy time and you’ve got holiday shopping to do, holiday parties to [...]

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Will My Parts Fall Out?

Yikes, I know what a topic, huh? As a mother of 3 daughters, a Pilates Instructor to many, many mamas, and a member of various childbirth support groups, I hear this subject come up a lot, and I think that's great! Let’s talk about it, because nobody is. It’s important. The truth is this, yes [...]

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